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'''Alphatest''' - At the moment the script has some bugs and not every error on this page is an actual error. I am working on a stable version at the moment and hope that I will be able to go into the beta test some time soon.
* Last scan: The script found '''9690''' errors in '''8983''' articles.
* Scan begin: '''2008-11-2829 19:1141''' (GMT, Toolserver)
* Scan end: '''2008-11-2829 19:1242''' (GMT, Toolserver)
* Duration: 0 minutes 4645 secounds
* Next scan: normally in 24 hours, then please copy this [ page at the toolserver] to this page. (Attention: UTF8)
*[[Wikipedie:WikiProject Check Wikipedia/Translation]]
| [[:Zaandzwelver]] || <nowiki>Ofbeelding:BankSwallow23.jpg </nowiki>
=== Headlines start with three "=" ===
<!-- error number 7 -->
The first headline start with <nowiki>"=== XY ==="</nowiki>. It should only be <nowiki>"== XY =="</nowiki>.
This error was found '''1''' times.
=== Image without description ===
<!-- error number 30 -->
| [[:Zuud-Hollaans volkslied]] || <nowiki><I>... </nowiki>
=== Redirect not correct ===
<!-- error number 36 -->
Article contains something like "<nowiki>#REDIRECT = [[Target page]]</nowiki>". The equal sign is not correct. Correct is "<nowiki>#REDIRECT [[Target page]]</nowiki>".
This error was found '''5''' times.