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Azerbeidzjanen, ‎Azerbeidzjaans. I doubt the great Azerbaijani cause will be helped ahead much by these articles in Saxon, but they certainly helped my understanding of the subjects (one of the best side-effects of writing on Wikipedia). Ni'jluuseger (overleg) 01:31, 13 nov 2021 (CET)[reageren]

Maybe a small article about Low Saxon, if it doesn't exist already? Ni'jluuseger (overleg) 13:20, 13 nov 2021 (CET)[reageren]
Hello. The article does indeed exist as az:Aşağı alman dili. But if you want other articles to be created in Azerbaijani Wikipedia, please don't hesitate to ask me. Multituberculata (overleg) 18:48, 13 nov 2021 (CET)[reageren]
I'll bet you don't have a paragraph about Martin Koster! Ni'jluuseger (overleg) 11:55, 14 nov 2021 (CET)[reageren]
No. :) I will translate and upload it. But it will take time, because Azerbaijani is not my mother language. Multituberculata (overleg) 10:14, 16 nov 2021 (CET)[reageren]
No worries. What is your mother tongue, if I may ask? Ni'jluuseger (overleg) 12:07, 16 nov 2021 (CET)[reageren]
Turkish, which is closely related to Azerbaijani. Multituberculata (overleg) 18:08, 16 nov 2021 (CET)[reageren]
Çok teşekkürler, çox sağ olun! Danke veur de artikels! Ni'jluuseger (overleg) 19:01, 5 dec 2021 (CET)[reageren]