Sydinhold wördt neet understöänd in andere språken.
Uut Wikipedia, de vrye encyklopedy, I have reverted your changes because:

  • The image you put here instead of the previous one is not correct: also before the world wars, Romania was not considered as Central Europe, maybe a part of it was, but the borders of the image you put here are much too sharp, the previous image with the gradients does reflect the debated status of Romania being part of Central/East Europe a lot better (apart from being better looking). Whether you condider Romania part of East or Central Europe is a bit of a political issue, and thus NPOV. Fact is that opinions differ, depending on your political view, and the fact should be reflected here, not the political view.
  • The listing of Romania in the bullet list is not needed, Romania was already mentioned in the article as being part of East Europa according to some, and part of Central Europe according to others.

Droadnaegel (overleg) 23:33, 4 nov 2011 (CET)[reageren]